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Human Nature 2, retraction on philosophical error.

So I suggested a few weeks ago we contemplate the idea that human nature is inherently bad and that therefore it may be easier to work…


His Holiness, the Dalai Lama 2

I went to see the Dalai Lama.  I did not get to ask the children’s question, no matter.  I saw him and he touched my hand. …


His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

So, I have managed to wangle my way into an event this weekend in Darwin where I get to ask His Holiness a question!  I get…


Human nature

Okay so today I am talking about human nature. No, not the Australian boy band. No, not the song by Michael Jackson. I am talking about…


Embracing Otherness

I like this talk. Note to Self: Stop trying to fix yourself and focus on what you send out without feeling too caught up in imperfections.…


The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award First off, I’d like to thank Little Steps for awarding me the Liebster Award.   “Liebster” is a German term for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest,…


Children make connections in ways we never expect…

So, as you know, recently my husband’s father died, at the ripe age of 107 years. My daughter is aware of her grandfather’s death and that…

The Rants of a Ghanaian!

The "Rants" expressed are my own, and generally unpopular with others.


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