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Horizontal Sisterhood – revisited

Here is a post I wrote last June. I am reposting because I am going to be commenting on this situation and what happened since. It’s…


Unity Craft Cooperative

This is a cooperative that my husband, Ras Duah, and I run between Ghana and Australia. We have a market stall in Australia from which we…


Breastfeeding in Ghana

This is an article I wrote for Sydney’s Child Magazine, and various offshoots in other capital cities, in November 2012. Breastfeeding in Africa by Asanempoka  …


Sizeable comments from loved ones

I was pregnant and gave birth to my daughter in Ghana.  I lived in the traditional family house.  It looks like this.I spent my days lying…


On learning how holidays can reveal oneself.

So I am almost at the end of 4 weeks holidays in which I went nowhere in particular.  Where I live many people abscond to far-off…


Small Towns

I have been coming and going from the same remote town in northern Australia for ten and a half years.  I keep planning my departure.  It…


‘Motherhood – Sisterhood between women who’ve borne offspring’ or ‘Other people’s children’

So at the moment i am on holidays and am actually having time to contemplate, experience and create, see my recent post on upcycling.  However another…


The ‘Other’

Let me say first:- the  ‘Other’ does not need ‘saving’. One of my pet …. concerns… is when people go to ‘Africa’ and save the ‘Other’,…


My Sisters & I

This is a picture of the painting that means the most to me. It was my first real purchase of fine art back in 2008 when…

The Rants of a Ghanaian!

The "Rants" expressed are my own, and generally unpopular with others.


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