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Massaging Mama

    I am currently six months pregnant and today was a day of stretching pelvic muscles. Suffice to say walking has been troublesome and I…


Right back at ya!

So my daughter just walked into my ‘office-cum-third-bedroom-for-guests’ and sat on my office chair.  She picked up a pen and began writing on a piece of…


Who will you vote for in 2013?

  At dinner tonight my husband said he was rather inclined to vote, if he could, for the Liberals.  He can’t bear the thought of voting…


On the naming of children.

When my daughter was born I had to travel 850km to my gynaecologist in the capital of Ghana.  I forgot to pack the Irish baby name…


Ballet’s in da house

So C is over again for the third time today. *sigh. I managed to ward it off between 10am and 3pm at least and did things…


Connectedness over the ether

  So my daughter and I just created a new word (okay we may not be THE first but in our household we are): Skypable. Definition…


That f’ word

My daughter has a friend across the road who has a bit of a different upbringing – more lackadaisical in terms of discipline (non-existent may be…


an Australian childhood

My daughter is a happy child.  My husband and I have taught her to be pragmatic and not take things too seriously.  If she cries, I…


Cuddles before sleep

So my daughter has been feeling a little out of sorts lately.  Sometimes being an only child gets her down.  I wish I could help her…


Dressing Up

So in Ghana it is most common for people to buy cloth and have clothing made.  The fabrics are more cultural, interesting, vibrant and the cotton…

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