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Accra’s coastline of shanty’s and shit now gone but where do my friends and family sleep?


Accra slum dwellers suspect cholera demolitions are a pretext for profit

This is a recent article from The Guardian in Ghana. It was on Africa is a Country’s Facebook page. I am yet to work how to insert things so that the article comes with a beginning and picture like on Facebook but I will get there.

Here is my comment that I left.

Interesting. Many of my friends and brothers, even with young children are now sleeping where their houses used to be, particularly around the National Centre for Culture. I get it, the place is not hygienic: There are no real toilets, except for the beach or the two blocks at the centre: and they have built houses illegally so to speak. However these guys represent the many cultures of Ghana at the NATIONAL centre for culture. They have been doing it for years. many are from the north and came down for work and a dream. Sure no-one should just be handed things but there should be provisions for people to go elsewhere and you can’t assume that all these families can just go back to their villages. They were given a week or so apparently but what is a week? This has happened along a vast stretch of Accra’s coastline and I must say that when we return home I will refuse to sleep in any hotel that meant my brothers and sisters, daughters and sons had to sleep on the streets and I would encourage any friend to do the same.








These are photos of my daughter and one of her sisters having fun at the National Centre for Culture a few years ago on a trip home. There is the bar we used to go and have a mineral at. Where her hair is being done by her Aunty is the room they lived in and this is what is now gone. Last we heard they were all sleeping on cardboard by the same spot. Not sure where my husband’s younger brother stayed but no doubt he’s sorted something out.

I am here in the air conditioning at home feeling bad; it’s not something I often do because I don’t spend my time comparing my life with my friends, wherever they are. Mainly because when I am there I live that way too. When I am in Australia I live like we live here.

But I do feel bad when there is injustice involved, particularly when they spent their hard-earned money creating a, albeit, makeshift home and have received no compensation for it or no place to relocate to. I am sad my sister and her children are homeless and I hope they find appropriate shelter soon. They are in my prayers.

As mentioned in my comment: I urge anyone travelling in Ghana to never stay in a resort along the coastline in Accra. Chances are someone lost their home to make way for this place so someone else could turn a healthy profit.


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