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Ebola in Liberia

An image tells a thousand words but it can also spread hype and ignorance without accurate, well-researched information.

Liberia and the failures of aid in the face of Ebola

I have decided to begin posting some articles, see above link, that I find interesting from other blogs I follow. This is because there is some great information out there and at the moment what is capturing my interest from the blog, Africa is a Country, is the articles being posted on Ebola.

I have sat through many a staffroom conversation recently, all the way over here at the moment in remote, Northern Australia, on Ebola where some people ask interesting questions and one or two people feed hype and propaganda. It irks me that the main point one person can think of is how you bleed from every orifice. I tend to be the devil’s advocate in many situations, as I have always been when I feel there is need to counter-balance regardless of my deeper personal opinion at times. In most conversations in life if I am not with good friends I tend to sit back and speak quietly only when I am sure I have the space to do so. If I am interrupted I let it go and keep whatever it was to myself. However in these circumstances I feel that if I don’t speak up and put in my two cents worth (which I get from some of the great articles posted on the above blog) then my colleagues will remain ignorant and keep thinking that ‘Africa is indeed a country’ – if you get my drift.

I have placed this article under my ‘disconnectedness’ tag because it’s a perfect example of how when things co-exist separately this lack of connectivity can cause disaster. I hope my followers can take the time to read them and learn a bit more too about the current situation in West Africa. I will also try to find another article that queried why we were not looking into the success of Nigeria to contain the virus as a means for going forward in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.


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