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Massaging Mama



I am currently six months pregnant and today was a day of stretching pelvic muscles. Suffice to say walking has been troublesome and I have been a little grumpy.

I have been getting regular massages for the past month, particularly for the oedema in my hands which at times has been so bad I can’t pour myself a drink from a jug or cut vegetables for dinner.  My daughter knows about massaging as I have used baby and children’s massage on her since she was born, as a way to relax her or get her to sleep.

So today, when she heard me yelp when a pelvic tendon was pulled as I simply tried to shift my sitting position, she came over and said, ‘Mama, would you like a massage?’

‘Oh, yes darling, please.’

‘Okay, so this is what you need to do, okay.’ And she proceeded to inform me how I should roll my neck, squeeze and open my fingers and tilt my head from side to side: all the while she placed her hands gently on my shoulders. After two minutes she said,

‘Is that better?’

‘Ummmm, yes baby, yes it is. Thank you.’ I responded quietly.

Not quite, but it’s the thought that counts and God love her enthusiasm for knowing how to cure my aches and pains. I got another lecture as she was falling asleep tonight so perhaps by tomorrow I’ll be all cured.


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