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She said he raped her, now he is in a critical condition: Repercussions

My husband witnessed a brutal attack today whist going about his work, doing the gardens in front of the courthouse.

His co-worker was approached by a woman and two men.  They beat him.  My husband broke them up.  A man came with a baseball bat and hit my husbands co-worker in the head several times and on the legs.

My husband’s boss, a woman, told him the female attacker had said the co-worker raped her on her birthday.

My husband knows the co-worker smokes a lot of gunja, shouts at his younger co-workers and had told my husband he would not shout on him today.

The boss came, the ambulance came, the police came.

The co-worker was airlifted to the nearest capital city for a brain scan and is in a critical condition and may die.

When the detectives came to take my husband back to the courthouse for a video testimony I asked about the man.  They said it didn’t look good, people go to jail for years for this sort of attack and it was attempted murder at least.

When they left I realised I’d forgotten to ask about the woman.  I felt a little guilty I hadn’t thought of her.  It’s so easy to look to the most recent victim. I decided I would ask them when they returned.

They didn’t come back in when they dropped my husband but he told me that apparently the female attacker had reported her rape to the police but had been told they wouldn’t do anything and it should be sorted between themselves.

Well, now it’s sorted.

Who do we feel sorry for in this situation?  I don’t know the details but this woman obviously felt that a wrong was done to her.  Did she receive victims support?  Did she get offered counselling?  Was it a classic case of ‘you were drunk and you’re Indigenous so go figure it out’? In all this will it be forgotten that she was quite likely violated?

Either way, my husband’s co-worker will most likely have brain damage, if he doesn’t die.

I feel sad all the way around.

Repercussions.  They are not always just.


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