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Sizeable comments from loved ones

I was pregnant and gave birth to my daughter in Ghana.  I lived in the traditional family house.  It looks like this.Family houseI spent my days lying under the summer hut and walking to the internet cafe and my sister’s workplace to say ‘hi’.  The rest of the day I spent sitting at another sister’s shop, watching tv under the summer hut and playing with our monkey, puppies and birds.  I also read books to my growing belly.  It was beautiful.

Anyhow… my point is with all my relaxing and walking and traditional eating I healthily lost 17 kilos whilst pregnant and looked as trim as I’ve ever managed with little effort.

Upon our move to Accra I began to slowly increase and then once back in Australia I am now back to my former size which is ‘cuddly’.  I don’t see myself as ‘fat’.  I am not in denial I just have perceptions of size that are somewhat grander than the stick figures in magazines, I guess.  I don’t really look at it through other people’s eyes, especially not now I am a mother.

When we returned to our dear northern house over Christmas several sisters commented,

‘Asanempoka, you’ve grown fat-o!’  That’s a compliment, especially when accompanied by the words,

‘It suits you!’

This is one reason why I love Africa and one memory that makes me laugh every time.


Above: My favourite sister in all her womanly beauty.

Aside from my skin tone, I think I look like this.  I think it is soft, nurturing, warm and womanly.

Photo credits: 1 & 2: Asanempoka, 3: hellobeautiful.com


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