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Small Towns

I have been coming and going from the same remote town in northern Australia for ten and a half years.  I keep planning my departure.  It happens, and then it happens again… and again.  I keep coming back.

Why?  Why this small town of 10 000? Why this small town at the centre of a vast region of emptiness, full of vegetation but lacking people?

I don’t know.

The annual country show is on this weekend.  I entered some of my photos and my daughter has entered some biscuits and cupcakes.  Rainbow ones.  We went to drop them off today and every single person I ran into, whether they be a judge, a volunteer, an entrant, I knew enough to say hello to or enough to enquire about some small aspect of their life.  I work with them, used to work with them, once lived next door to them, socialise with them once in a while, know their children through friendships with my daughter.

Being a reformed change-junkie I try to deny that this experience gives me pleasure, some small feeling of connectedness.

But it does.

Here are a few of my photos. If I win first prize I get $10 (gotta love small towns). I couldn’t resist to add a little colour and culture where possible and chose to enter some of my absolute favourite photos from my time as a teacher trainer, going around to the recipient schools and attending parent meetings etc, in the Upper East and Northern Regions of Ghana back in 2007.

 young girl in doorwaySlide16 Women in line  school children running from assembly
The smurfs in northern region


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