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Upcycling 2 – 5 chairs and a table


So here are my 5 chairs all painted, ‘Pistachio Sorbet’ and decoupaged.  Now to the table.  It took 3 days as I gave enough time for paint and varnish to dry.  It was easier than the chairs cause of less fiddly bits.


This is what the table looked like before the upcycle.


I took a knife to the edges of the curved sections to give it an antique look, as I did with the chairs.


I decoupaged lotus flowers again and had terrible trouble with this.  I think I watered down the PVA glue too much.  Not sure why.  Also the flowers were larger than on the chairs.  I interlaced 3 separate flowers.  I don’t particularly think they are that great but my husband was very encouraging so I gave it a rest.



And here is the finished product.  I bought some placemats today to protect the surface.  My husband said it really does make our living room look larger.  It brightens the area and each time I walk past it I smile.

I am really glad I took the time to do it.

Next project: plank and pot bookshelves.  3 more weeks of holidays so better get cracking.


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