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Upcycling – 5 chairs and a table

I’ve been quiet. I’ve been finishing of a long-term at school and now I have 4 weeks off.  I was exhausted and a few weeks ago after two days home sick I realised I had not had time alone to myself for more than 7 months, not even a few hours.

So I determined that my holidays would be a time to get back to myself.  To get crafty and creative.

As I looked around my house I realised most days I come home to a crowded feeling.  I can’t change my house, its employer subsidised rental, so what could I do, I thought?  Kirsty’s Vintage Home on ABC led me to an answer – Upcycle!

I looked around at all my wooden furniture and decided it was time to lighten my furniture and create a house like my husband and I had in Ghana/  One of colour, one that reflects us, created by us.

Here are a few photos of my first major project.


This is what the chairs looked before I began.  A stamp on the bottom of each tells me they were made in Yugoslavia. Strange. Dark wood, lots of rounded poles, not particularly comfortable so perhaps making them beautiful will make them more endearing?

IMG_1157      IMG_1156

Undercoat of ‘soft sand’ and then top coat of ‘pistachio sorbet’.  As soon as I saw the colour and its name I knew it was what I wanted.  A light colour with a hint of a colour and I just didn’t want orange or yellow and so green came up and it’s worked so well.

IMG_1159 IMG_1158

Antiquing the edges.  Once the paint had dried I took a Stanley knife to it, just a little, across the edges of the top of the chair and around the seat to age it and give it character.

IMG_1161 IMG_1160

It was my 4 1/2 yr olds idea to decoupage an image onto the chairs as we have just completed a small coffee table of family photos, our first attempt.  It was great to do that with her and discover that actually many craft activities are easy enough and she can participate.  I settled for the green theme again and have chosen 5 different kinds of trees/plants, each with their own symbolic meaning.  An olive branch and a willow branch are above.  I just printed them off google images onto plain paper.


We then thought in lieu of chair cushions, which I may get at some stage in the future, we’d decoupage a lotus flower on the seat.


Here are my two chairs.  I will finish the other 3 over the next two days and then the big table behind in this picture is going to get a makeover in the same way.  However the finish of that one will be rougher, I’ll sand the paint a little in lieu of decoupage as I think that would be too much.

I love my ‘new’ furniture!


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