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Human Nature 2, retraction on philosophical error.

So I suggested a few weeks ago we contemplate the idea that human nature is inherently bad and that therefore it may be easier to work our way to goodness.  After my weekend with His Holiness I realise I was wrong and I expressed myself incorrectly.

We all have Buddha nature. Our inherent nature is goodness.  I knew this, I just forget within my despair.  What brings on suffering is our attachment and ignorance, our inability to accept change, our denial of reality.  This is what Buddha taught.  I like in Buddhism that I can question, clarify and ponder on everything I am taught. I am told to do so.  That is a form of freedom.  Venerable Tenzin Palmo stated on Facebook the other week that we should accept we are sick.  I challenge that based on what His Holiness said and my deep desire to see a path through my Samsara.  I believe sickness is the wrong word as it is loaded.

To sum up, I still think somewhere there has to a tipping point for the suffering going on in the world, the wrongdoings occurring with such violence on a daily basis.  But perhaps I have to remind myself more often that we do all contain Buddha nature within us.  I remember when Osama bin Laden died a great argument ensued against me on Facebook when I commented upon a high school friends comment that she was glad for her American family that he was dead. I wrote simply that her response was the pot calling the kettle black.  We should not be jubilant about ANY death.  When I die and Osama dies and we are burnt who can tell the difference from our ashes? We are the inherently the same. These comments did not go down well. I was attacked for being a ‘cultural relativist’.  I had to look up Wikipedia on that one and I still could not tell you exactly what it means. I can tell you is that those who responded firmly to my comments were South African Jews from the North Shore of Sydney currently studying philosophical-based PhD’s (*tongue in cheek). It wouldn’t matter. It’s of no consequence to me.

I do believe, very, very strongly, that each person should take responsibility for themselves and not put their own actions onto something or someone else, including a God, because they believe that absolves them of their actions.


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