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His Holiness, the Dalai Lama 2

I went to see the Dalai Lama.  I did not get to ask the children’s question, no matter.  I saw him and he touched my hand.  A cold, gentle touch of the smoothest skin.  What a man.

To people who do not know Buddhism I explain my weekend like this:- ‘I had a wonderful weekend. Really the Dalai Lama is a man who speaks to all people and transcends boundaries like no other human being.  You won’t necessarily get a lightning bolt moment, your life won’t change overnight but you will sit in the audience and be able to connect and understand his words and know that you’ve sat in front of someone great.’  I figure this is the best way to encourage those people to see him next time he comes here.

To those who are aware of Buddhist philosophy and practice I speak about His Holiness like this:- ‘He is a brilliant man.  He says he should not be attached to his religion. That is also a form of attachment that can bring suffering. He is so wise to speak beyond religion and recognise that if we speak along religious lines we cannot speak for everybody.  What other world leader would do that? He spoke about the 4 noble truths and much of it went over my head, although not as much as others who do not have an understanding of them, however I understood the different variations of change. He can speak to children, adults, elders. It was so wonderful to hear such a man speak and be in the room with him.’ etc…. I go on from there.

Really and truly, long life to His Holiness and may his words be heard by every single sentient being and help free them from suffering and set them on the path to enlightenment.

Om Mani Peme Hum.

Here are some photos I took of His Holiness.

IMG_1102 IMG_1108

I sat so clsoe to His Holiness cause I was to ask a question but they ran out of time.  I don’t mind cause how many opportunities would I otherwise get to sit within 7 metres of His Holiness?

IMG_1116  IMG_1118

The Gyuto monks’ sand mandala.


On Sunday it was not nearly as intimate so Saturdays blessing, that I got to go at all, has become very precious to me.

Photo Credits: me


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