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That f’ word

My daughter has a friend across the road who has a bit of a different upbringing – more lackadaisical in terms of discipline (non-existent may be too harsh?).  She often comes over and they play for an entire day.

Well yesterday my daughter said, ‘Mama, ________ said f’ (and here she said the whole word, with much emphasis on the’ ‘f and the plosive ‘ck’).

‘Oh did she?’, I replied.  ‘Well, that’s not a word we use in this house, is it.’

‘No’, she emphatically answered.  Then she though a bit and stated, again in full words, ‘If we go to those f’ houses we have to tell them that they shouldn’t say f’.’

I hid my face behind a piece of paper as I cracked up laughing whilst trying to affirm her wise words.  Somehow she only saw the twinkle in my eyes and also thought she was pretty hilarious.  Of course, I managed to state later that she was, in no uncertain terms, to use that word.  She relied, ‘No, Mama.’ matter of factly and a twinkle in her eye as if we shared a secret.


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