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an Australian childhood

My daughter is a happy child.  My husband and I have taught her to be pragmatic and not take things too seriously.  If she cries, I make her laugh.  If she is grumpy, I tickle her mercilessly.  At times when her friends have been sad she has endeavoured to react in the same manner to make them stop and unfortunately it mostly backfires.  They are used to being coddled and pampered in their crankiness.  I do not allow my daughter to be cranky.  It is a waste of time and emotional energy.  As she grows up at times now all I have to give her is a look and she turns her head and laughs, all forgotten, nothing in the first place.  I am proud of her for this.

If she was in Ghana it would be different.  She’d be smacked, caned for crying.  I have often seen my brothers, sticks in hand, whacking children who are crying, yelling at them to stop.  If a child stops then they are strong.

I think my daughter is strong because she laughs.  It’s a very different way of seeing the world, isn’t it.

My husband and I wanted to raise our daughter in Ghana until at least five years of age.  We had to come back when she was two.  I have to say whilst there are things I truly lament about her having these formative years in Australia, there is one thing I would not give up for the world.  It is something she does almost every weekend.  She does it alone.  She does it with friends.  It produces laughter, squeals of delight, fun and games for an hour – a long concentration span for little girls.  What is it?

Jumping naked on the trampoline under the sprinkler!!!  A part of the great Aussie childhood. 😛


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