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Dressing Up

So in Ghana it is most common for people to buy cloth and have clothing made.  The fabrics are more cultural, interesting, vibrant and the cotton is much better quality, particularly in the African made fabrics, as opposed to Chinese imports.

My family and I have several matching outfits.  When we were living there, which was until my daughter was 2, I would always tell my tailor to make a dress for my daughter with the offcuts.  I never dictated a style and my daughter always ended up with beautifully unique dresses.  Many Ghanaian kids, especially in the capital, do.  Dresses up north are a bit more sack-ish likely due to pedalled sewing machines, not so many electric ones, although it’s changing.

Recently on our 6 week trip back home my daughter got right into matching outfits.  Now we are home on certain days she insists we match.  In Australia we do NOT do this.

So one day on our recent holiday we were matching and walking down a city street and a lady noticed us, stopped us and commented how beautiful we both looked in our matching outfits.  My daughter looked up at her and as if it was the most obvious thing in the world said,

That’s what family does!

photo credit: vlisco fabrics and designs


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