Discussing topical issues for women in cross-cultural and inter-continental relationships

My Sisters & I

This is a picture of the painting that means the most to me. It was my first real purchase of fine art back in 2008 when I left Ghana for the first time.  The oldest gallery in Accra, the first in fact, held wonders for me.  Scenic abstracts from daily life on the coast, at the market, at the trotro and bus station.  I chose the painting from the desert.  The one that took me back to Bolga.  That place where I’d lived the past seven months.  That place where I’d fallen in love.  That place where my child chose to settle itself in my belly.

It was a picture of women.  Women connected through shared experiences and through what they had to say.  This painting speaks to me every time I look at it upon my wall.


My purpose for this blog is to reconnect with that bond of Sisterhood, yes the capital is necessary.  To rediscover what binds us together as women across the continents, between my two homes of Ghana and Australia.  It is not about feminism, standing up for our rights, gossiping.  It is about acknowledging connectedness and smiling about it.  That gentle, knowing smile that women can get across their faces when their hearts and minds have seen a truth in front of them, like the laughter of our children.  Open, free from constraint, honest.

This is my blog about Sisterhood across continents.


3 Responses to “My Sisters & I”

    • asanempoka

      His artist name is Samkobee.
      It’s from the Loom Gallery in Accra. Right near where you lived and we used to walk to Circle. You helped me with my purchase. Goodness… memories. 🙂


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